SummerSlam Season Results & Announcement Of Survivor Series Season

Season 10 Results

WrestleMoney Season 10 (aka SummerSlam 2023 season) began on May 1st and ended on August 31st.

Here are the top 10 users from this 4-month season:

10. Kushal Mondal (2362 points) – Team made on May 17

9. Drew (2362 points) – Team made on May 13

8. Noel Churchill (2362 points) – Team made on May 2

7. Tim Szorc (2362 points) – Team made on May 1

6. mike (2368 points) – Team made on June 9

5. Vishnu Varman (2368 points) – Team made on May 5

4. Brandon (2368 points) – Team made on May 1

3. Nomer323 (2372 points) – Team made on May 27

2. Aryan Kumar (2372 points) – Team made on May 9

1. Robert Brown (2372 points) – Team made on May 4

Here’s the prize money for this season:

First Winner – Robert Brown: $750

Second Winner – Aryan Kumar: $500

Third Winner – Nomer323: $250

Note: The winners need to reach out to us through the contact form in the menu before September 10 to claim their prizes.

Announcement Of Survivor Series Season

Season 10 of WrestleMoney will be the Survivor Series 2023 season. This will also be a 4-month long season, which will begin on September 1st and end on December 31st. All the WWE premium live events, RAW and SmackDown will be covered in this time period, as usual.

You will be able to make your new team starting September 1st and you won’t be able to change it until this 4-month season ends.

The prize money for this season will be:

First Winner – $750

Second Winner – $500

Third Winner – $250

WrestleClash Addition

As you can notice in the scores, so many users are scoring the same points, which is nobody’s fault as the scores depend on the booking of WWE wrestlers and fans can figure out which ones are going to be the top scorers most of the times!

So we are bringing our WrestleClash App into play.

Our WrestleClash App is a WWE & AEW Trump Cards Game. Your wins in WrestleClash will be added to your WrestleMoney score, to determine your final score at the end of the season.

For now, just make sure you have the same username on both WrestleMoney and WrestleClash, as right now, we don’t have the functionality to merge both accounts. So, we’ll be manually adding the scores of the top users from our backend.

Our WrestleClash App is available on both Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS, so download now!

WrestleClash App

We thank all our users for their continued support over the years!